Automated investment

How does it works?

3 simple steps!

Register and link your wallet to Whalinvest
Whalinvest can manage your wallet on Binance, Bitfinex and KuCoin. More information on our FAQ
Choose how much do you want to invest
You can trust Whalinvest algorithm to choose the best way to invest in cryptocurrencies

Collect your benefits we take care of everything!


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How much does it cost?

With Whalinvest, you pay only if you earned benefits!

It's easy, at the end of month 20% excl. taxes on your benefits come back to Whalinvest.

In addition if you invite your friends to register and use Whalinvest, 10% of their invoices are subtracted from your fees until all your cost are covered!

More information about our billing

Initial amount

Whalinvest cost


Recurring investment

(DCA = Dollar Cost Averaging)

Programmed investment (also called DCA) is an investment strategy
It consists of regularly investing the same amount of money in the same token, regardless of the market.

How does it works?

Select a token
Choose your favorite token from over 100 available pairs.
Select investment recurrence
Weekly or monthly. You choose the rhythm in order to obtain a smooth price.
Enter the amount to invest
This amount will be invested directly from your wallet at the chosen frequency.

Try the simulator

Estimate your gains with the recurring investment simulator

How much does it cost?

$ 4.99

/ month
A unique and very competitive pricing!

100+ crypto-currencies available

Unlimited amount invested

Unlimited number of programmed investments (DCA)

Automatically move your bought crypto-currencies to Binance flexible earn

More information about our billing

Our values


We are determined to constantly improve our service in order to facilitate its use.

We seek to create an easy way to invest in cryptocurrencies and to grant everyone a chance to try it out without having to sign up for some advanced learning courses.

The Whalinvest team relies on its users' feedbacks to insure that simplicity remains at the core of their experience.


Whalinvest guarantees serenity to its users. We only charge you according to your profits.

If you don't make money, you don't pay.

Whalinvest is based on an automated investment system, fully erasing any human error from your experience.


Finally, transparency is the touchstone on which we build our values!

Monitor every progress of your investments.

We put at your disposal not only your billing information, but also the tools you need to monitor your wallet. These are the essential steps to insure complete transparency.



Join our community of investors on Discord, you'll find some news and good tips about the crypto world!

Plus you'll meet our lovely bot Whali which will keep you in touch with your investments on our Discord server in real time.

Join our community of investors on Discord

Whalinvest is the best way to invest in crypto-currencies. Our job is to make your money works for you when you're sleeping or enjoying your life.

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